Greg's Woodworking Projects


     One of  my hobbies is woodworking. Since Joanne and I play in an old-time music group, The Unexpected Party , I enjoy making musical instruments.


This is a music cabinet that I made for Joanne. It is solid butternut.


   Joanne and I were in Columbus, Ohio, several  years ago at a dulcimer festival. We saw someone playing this instrument and she decided she wanted one. The fellow who made it, sketched it out for me. I made three, one for her and two for friends. Margaret MacArthur found one of these old instruments in an old barn years ago, and her husband fixed it up for her. She started playing it at music festivals and it soon was known as a MacArthur Harp.


      The harp on the left is a 23 string made from mango. This is the tree that the fruit comes from. I had to send to Hawaii to get this wood. It has a   great sound. The harp on the right is a 34 string made out of  maple.


    These are two old time Civil War style banjos that I made. Joanne plays clawhammer style banjo on a regular 5 string, however we saw one of these and it had a great old plunky sound. I made both of these out of curly maple.


    This is the hammered dulcimer that I usually played until I sold it. I made it out of che chen, a hardwood that comes from Mexico. I used this dulcimer on our two recordings.

    I also make many other objects. Here are some banks I made using post office box doors. The post office has replaced these with modern doors, so these are no longer made. They are hard to find and when they are gone, they are gone.



             Hammered Dulcimers and Harps and Banks for Sale

             Greg & Joanne Meyer

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