Stained Glass

    Joanne and I have enjoyed doing stained glass for over 30 years. We have made lamps, windows, sun catchers and many more objects.


    This is a set of window inserts for a wooden door.

    I made a chess set out of stained glass. I built the bottom and put a lights in it, so the chess board lit up. All the pieces were also glass.

    This is one of the windows I made. I made several others including a scene with a large mouth bass.

    I made several terrariums. There was always one section at the top left open to work with the plants. Because of the way the pieces were connected, they were waterproof.


    Joanne's grandmother liked stained glass. This is a swan planter that Joanne made for her.

    Here are two of several boxes that I made. The tops

were hinged.


    I also made a lot of small sun catchers. This pair of musical notes is just one example.

    This is a large picture that was made to go into an antique frame. The bottom of the frame was curved at the top.

    This is a motorcycle I made for a friend. I made the tires out of lead came and cut the came so the tires were rough.

    We built our house and wanted to have stained glass in the cabinet panels. Joanne wanted geometric patterns and I wanted out farm animals, so we compromised on flowers. We also had birds that came to our birdfeeder on the small doors above the fridge.


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