Collectible Calendar Art

    Calendar Art is the old art that companies used to put on calendars. There are two ways to have pictures on calendars. The modern way that pictures are put on is to have them printed right on the page. In the past this was sometimes done, but most of the time the pictures were separately printed lithographs of paintings and then these were pasted on the calendar. They were usually only glued on the top edge so that you could lift up the picture and then write underneath them. There often was a place for telephone numbers. This was the time before there was speed dialing by pressing a button. This was the time before there were buttons on phones.

    There were several calendar companies, but the biggest and most well known was Brown and Bigelow. These companies printed thousands of different pictures for the calendars and printed scores of copies of each picture each year. Not all of these were used on calendars and there are still some of these original calendar prints around. Those are the ones that I use.

    I mat and frame them and then usually add a carved animal to the frame to go along with what is in the picture. Usually the carving is made out of koa, a highly figured and very expensive wood from Hawaii.


    These companies also printed blotters with the same artwork on them. A blotter was used to absorb the ink from a fountain pen. A fountain pen actually put down a thin stream of ink on the paper. This was before ball point pens were invented.

    This type of artwork is a little bit of Americana that is disappearing. These original prints and blotters aren't made anymore and when they're gone, they're gone. This is your chance to own one of these while they are still around.


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