Antler Carvings & Antler Art

    Antler art is usually something that is found out west, and not around Ohio. I first saw an antler carving when I was in Dubois, Wyoming, and bought it. I find it very unique and decided that since I did so many other types of woodwork and carving, I could do this also. Antler is a very hard substance to carve, it is actually bone and I have to use special tools because of the hardness.

   This is a moose antler which has two mountain goats on a mountain carved in it. This antler stands up by itself.



    This is another moose antler carving. This one has a scene with a train coming out of a mountain on one side and an elk on the other side lookinng at the train. The last picture show how I mounted it on a small walnut slab. I woodburned the head of an elk on the walnut to go with the elk carved in the antler.






    An antler billet is the section of the antler that is attached to the head of an animal. It is usually cut off about 6 inches from the end, after that the center of the antler is made of spongy bone. I carved two eagles from these billets. The end of the billet flares out just like feathers might.

    These three antler billets are bears. One of them I carved with a salmon in its mouth.



        I also made an antler table. The top is an oblong slab of walnut with two designs woodburned on it. The slab is about four feet long and about twenty inches wide. It sits on two very large elk antlers.


    These are belt buckles made from elk antler burrs, sometimes called elk antler crowns.




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