Our Irish Setters

    Irish setters are a special breed of dog. They are very strong willed dogs that tend to act like puppies their whole lives. We have had five Irish setters over the years.

    Joanne worked her way through Cleveland State University and when she graduated, her graduation present to herself was an Irish setter puppy that she named Shawn. His complete registered name was Shawn Shenanigan O'Toole. He had boundless energy and could run all day. Here he is laying in a cold stream so I could take his picture, he wasn't happy.         

    When we moved to our first house in Berea, Ohio, we would take him to the park and let him run around. He would go in the little amphitheater and would crouch low and run around and hunt for the woodchucks there. He never found one, but had a lot of fun. When this picture was taken Shawn was eleven years old.

    Shawn lived to be 12 years old before he passed away. We then called a breeder that we knew of who had a wonderful line of setters. She had just gotten back a very young male who hadn't worked out with the owner. He was our next setter. His name was Rogue. His full name was My Wild Irish Rogue.

    We would put different hats on Rogue for family pictures. Here is Sherlock Rogue and Christmas Time Rogue.


    We had Rogue for 12 years also. After he died we found that Irish setters weren't as popular anymore and there were fewer breeders around. We ended up traveling to Columbus, Ohio, for our newest puppy. After we got him home and took him to the vets, we found he had a minor problem. We called the breeder and the result was that we bought one of his brothers at a reduced rate. This is the first time we had two puppies together. They were so much fun, they would run around the field with a stick in their trying to get it away from each other. We named them Guinness and Bailey. They were great dogs, but completely different. Bailey was a big, wide setter and Guinness was a really skinny setter. Bailey never jumped very high and Guinness could go over a 6 foot fence like it wasn't there. We had to add on sections on the top of our fence to keep him in. Once we took him to the vets and he had to stay overnight. We told the vet he could go right over their fence, but said it would be fine. He then told us he looked out the window and saw Guinness running free.

    Unfortunately we ended up having to have them both put down. Guinness ended up with epilepsy. We had him on many different medicines, but nothing could slow down the seizures. They would become more frequent and longer lasting. When Bailey was 7 he developed a cancerous tumor behind his right eye. We had him for a while after that until he eventually wouldn't eat anymore. They were both great dogs and we miss them.



    Several of these pictures have Siegfried in them as a puppy. Siegfried is a German Weimraner, often called the Grey Ghost dog. The first picture is Guinness with Siegfried and the second is Bailey with Siegfried.

Guinness                                                            Bailey




    Our current Irish setter is Casey. He is a great little dog. He had HOD which is a condition where the bones of big dogs grow too fast they have problems. Sometimes they outgrow it after a year and sometimes they have to be put down. Casey almost died three times and spent the first year of his life on prednizone. We were really worried, but he finally outgrew it. However, his legs aren't straight and he remains quite small for a male. He is about the size of a small female. We never thought he would be able to get around well, but he has all the energy of a dog that wasn't sick. He really is a very sweet dog.



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