Fishing has always been a big part of my life. As a small boy I remember my father having several wooden fishing boats over the years that he docked at Lake Erie. They were in the fourteen to sixteen foot range. I recall one was a Lyman and the other was an Old Town. The boats below weren't his, but were very much like the ones I remember.


   A Lyman like my Dad's boat.      An Old Town like my Dad's boat.

    Some memories never fade. I can still see my dad down in the basement scaling a mess of walleys  that he caught on Lake Erie. If he brought home a really big one, he would sometimes nail the head up on the corner of the garage. After the bugs would clean it up, it would bleach white in the sun. Then my mom would cook them up. I can still remember her reciting to me.

         Fishy, Fishy in the brook, Daddy catch him on the hook,

        Mommy fry him in the pan, Baby eat him like a man.

    For several years the state of Ohio released Coho Salmon in streams and rivers flowing into Lake Erie. The rivers were too muddy to allow the salmon eggs to hatch, so the state would restock fry every year. Fishermen would head for the rivers when the salmon started running. Here I am with a coho salmon.

    When I graduated from Ohio State University and started teaching, I would go on a fishing trip to Canada. We had a guide who would take us to his favorite fishing holes each day. This is a picture of my dad, George Meyer,  with our day's catch on the French River. They were walleys and a great northern pike.            The second picture is my father with a great northern pike he caught at Lakeside, Ohio. This northern was dinner for my parents, Joanne's mother, and Joanne and me.



    I bought my first boat when I started teaching. My father and I would go fishing in Lake Erie for perch. This was in the early 70s when there were still a lot of fish in the lake. You could go out and get huge jumbos that were the size of small bass and often doubleheaders.

    I got a job in the summer working at the Edgewater Boat & Bait House on Lake Erie. I would dock my boat there and go out fishing in the morning and then work there in the afternoon. What a great summer. The building was torn down years ago and is now just a memory.

    I haven't had my boat out on Lake Erie for quite a few years now, so I usually do my fishing inland, often at small private farm ponds.

    Here are several pictures of some of my catches. Usually I was fishing with a friend, but sometimes I go out alone.

    Bluegills are about the best fish to eat. The problem is that they are usually pretty small so it takes a mess to have a meal, but nothing is better.

    I was at a small farm pond a few years ago and was catching some bluegills when every once in a while a bass would hit. I brought these three home. The small one weighed 2 1/2 pounds, the medium one weighed 3 1/2 pounds and the large one weighed 4 3/4 pounds.


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